Buckfast Booze Bagged its Monks £8.8m Last Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The charitable trust that handles the production of the Buckfast "tonic wine" by the monks of Buckfast Abbey is doing quite well for itself, with financial data revealing that the miracle of wine production is still a cornerstone of religion -- and banked the abbey around £8.8m last year.

The 15 per cent alcohol content, caffeinated pick-me-up of certain youth groups has become a little controversial in recent years, as the grim juice has been associated with drunken violence by the Scottish court system. Dundee sheriff Alastair Brown recently told a court that: "Someone who drinks two-and-a-half bottles of Buckfast is drinking something which is often seen as a feature of cases involving violence. I’m aware that the monks of Buckfast Abbey advertise this as something to be taken in moderation. The fact is that some people drink far too much of it and get violent."

But that's not of much concern to the Abbey, with figures from the Charity Commission showing that the Buckfast Abbey Trust made £8.8m in the year ending in 2015, although the management say the site's hotel and conference centre contributed some of that and it's not all coming out of the pockets of Scottish teenagers. [BBC]

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