Can You Guess The Busiest and Least Used Train Stations in 2016?

By James O Malley on at

Do you find yourself despairing at what your life has become as you squeeze on to train at Waterloo in the evening rush hour? Well, you're not alone. In fact, there are millions upon millions of other people doing the same thing.

New figures released today by the Office of Rail and Road reveal that once again, Waterloo has taken the crown as the country's busiest station, with 99 million entries and exits in the 2015-16 year.

This is followed by Victoria, with 81m, Liverpool Street with 61m, and London Bridge with 53m passengers. And don't forget, this doesn't include Tube passengers - this is only people catching National Rail trains.

Here's the full Top 10:

  1. Waterloo: 99,148,388
  2. Victoria: 81,151,418
  3. Liverpool Street: 66,556,690
  4. London Bridge: 53,850,938
  5. Euston: 41,677,870
  6. Stratford: 41,113,260
  7. Birmingham New Street: 39,077,018
  8. Paddington: 36,536,074
  9. King’s Cross: 33,361,696
  10. Clapham Junction: 32,282,220

That's right: only one station is outside of London - the newly attractive Birmingham New Street, which perhaps demonstrates how South-East-centric Britain's rail network is.

Meanwhile, the least used station in the country was Shippea Hill in Cambridgeshire which had a grand total of 12 passengers in the last year. That's not 12 per day - that's 12... in the entire year. And we would wager that those 12 people were probably train geeks deliberately visiting an obscure station.

Perhaps this shouldn't be surprising, given that according to Google, it appears that someone thought it was a good idea to build a station in the absolute middle of nowhere:

Here's the full top 10 least used stations:

  1. Shippea Hill: 12
  2. Reddish South: 38
  3. Pilning: 46
  4. Coombe: 48
  5. Barry Links: 68
  6. Denton: 74
  7. Stanlow & Thornton: 88
  8. Tees-Side Airport: 98
  9. Chapelton: 100
  10. Clifton: 116

The least used station in London was Angel Road, with only 27,754 passengers in the last year. The station is in Edmonton, in the middle of an industrial estate and close to the big Ikea. So you can sort of see why.