Don't Worry! All of the Baby Turtles on Planet Earth 2 Last Night Survived!

By James O Malley on at

The BBC's phenomenal Planet Earth 2 ended last night on the same note that it began six weeks ago, by highlighting the endless cycle of horror and death that is the natural world.

Perhaps the most harrowing part was the baby turtles, right at the end. After escaping the beach, they're drawn into the cities by the light. Unfortunately, the city is a very dangerous place to be.

First we saw them crawl on to the road...

As Sir David Attenborough noted, this game of Frogger doesn't always end well. Note the smushed turtles between the living ones:

...and then there's the risk of falling down the drain. It was about this moment when a nation cried out in terror for the poor little turtles' lives.

Look at 'em, stuck down there, waiting to die:

Amazingly - there's good news. Perhaps sensing our distress, immediately following the broadcast the official BBC Earth account shared some wonderful news:

So perhaps this one time nature does have a happy ending... all thanks to the kindly, interventionist hand of the BBC camera operator. Yet another reason the License Fee is so worthwhile.

Godspeed, little turtles.

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