Fender's Night Tube-Themed Guitars Are a Thing of Beauty

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Fender’s done that thing where it teams up with TfL for a bit of publicity again, but we’re completely alright with it because we like pretty things from time to time.

The musical icon’s created 15 limited edition Night Tube-themed Stratocaster guitars, perfect for late-night buskers. They’re set to go on sale for £1,499 a pop ahead of the launch of the Piccadilly line Night Tube on December 16th. The Piccadilly line, which is currently struggling to operate during the day.

One model, however, will be extra special because it’ll be signed by Ronnie Wood, of Rolling Stones fame. That one will be auctioned, with the proceeds going to the charity The Railway Children, which helps children living on the streets.

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Mark Wild, Managing Director of London Underground, said: “The Night Tube guitar collaboration, and the fact that music giants The Rolling Stones used our network to launch their new album, underlines the connection between the Underground and London’s important music scene,” said London Underground MD Mark Wild, desperate to convince someone -- anyone -- that the capital’s night life is any good.

“The Night Tube will deepen this connection, helping many thousands of people each weekend get back from gigs, boosting London’s night time economy.”

You can find the guitars at the London Transport Museum.

Image: TfL via Flickr