Finally There's An App for Confessing Your Sins Over A Live Video Chat With A Priest

By James O Malley on at

Being a modern Catholic is hard work, presumably. In our hectic, modern lives, when are believers supposed to find the time to grab a quick prayer, or swish about some incense? The good news then is that a new app looks set to make it easier to do one of the most important Roman acts: Confession., as the app is known, will hook you up live with a real Catholic Priest who can take your confession, wherever you are in the world. Think something like Skype, with a side-order of Tinder, for when you accidentally covet your neighbour's wife, or his ox.

Yes, as far as we can tell this appears to be real.

Here's how it works. First you log your sins in the app's built-in sin tracker:

Then you fire up the Tinder-style Priest finder. Probably best to pick the guy who appears to be most forgiving (Fr O'Malley looks like a good bet).

And then you enter video chat with them. This guy doesn't look like he's going to listen to your excuses about how the ox was winking at you seductively:

But what about the confession booth? Isn't there supposed to be a screen between you and Holy Father? Probably to stop sins from catching or something (hey, I'm not a Catholic theologian). But worry not, the app has you covered and at the touch of a button will throw up a confession-booth style grill:

If they want a free idea: How about micro-payments to sell indulgences?

"We aim to keep Catholicism relevant with younger generations by making confessing every bit as convenient as Snapchat", says the app's publicity email.

The app is due to launch shortly, which means that at last you'll have eternal salvation on demand.