First of Artist's £50k Fivers is Found

By Gary Cutlack on at

The race to find one of the customised fivers that's possibly worth £50,000 if you can find the right buyer has been won, by one lucky person at least, with the first of four engraved £5 notes successfully identified and placed securely in the wallet of a shopper from South Wales.

Artist Graham Short created the custom fivers, adding small etchings of Jane Austen onto four of the new flexi polymer £5 notes, then spending them in a variety of locations to get them out into the public domain.

The first one to be found was spent by Short in the Square Cafe in Caerphilly on December 8, with the anonymous finder confirming the note with the serial number AM32 885553 was now out of circulation and stashed away with the rest of the family heirlooms.

Three more still remain out there, with Short giving us the clue that the others were spent in Leicestershire, Scotland and Northern Ireland. [Metro]

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