Future Tech Crime Division Locks Thief Inside Car He Stole

By Gary Cutlack on at

A car thief, after having enjoyed a little sleep in the BMW he'd just stolen, woke up to find he was locked in the vehicle -- thanks to the modern wonders of GPS tracking and remote locking and everyone coming together to punish a bad man.

The BMW 550i was stolen after being found left unlocked and with a spare set of keys in it in an underground garage. Despite the extreme stupidity of the person left in charge of it by the owner, the police and BMW still jumped into action. Seattle police contacted BMW's local head office and had the vehicle tracked to a specific location, went there, and saw the alleged thief asleep amid the luxurious interior.

They then had the car remotely locked too, and woke the chap up. He tried to drive off but was presumably hemmed in by police while he slept and dreamed about what sort of drugs he'd spend the money on after selling the thing on Craigslist, and was unable to get away. He was arrested and it was all thanks to technology! *high-fives computer monitor*. [SPD via Cnet]

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