GAME opens new "Belong" Shops In The UK

By Gizmodo UK on at

By Kate Gray

GAME was rescued from the brink after going into administration in 2012, but since then, they've been diversifying their business in an attempt to stay afloat for the future.

One of those new changes is the opening of several Belong shops - places where players can go to experience gaming rather than just to purchase new games and consoles. Each store will have VR headsets, PlayStation 4s, Xbox Ones and PCs for the public to use - though it won't be for free.

There was some controversy when GAME decided to charge customers for a PlayStation VR demo back in October, asking for £5 for ten minutes on the headset and £15 for half an hour. It seems like they're using the same model for their Belong stores, charging customers for time slots and parties, as well as having a sales space within the same location in case anyone wants to purchase something as well.

The setup of Belong implies much about what GAME intends to do in the future. After buying out game events company Multiplay for £20 million in 2015, they've been slowly making a move into hosting tournaments and launches - and their new central London Belong location in Wardour Street is perfect for that sort of thing. It's even around the corner from Sony's London PlayStation office.

So, is the future of gaming really just a modern version of a LAN party? GAME sure seems to think so.