Google Adds Offline Tools to Android Chrome

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's latest version of Chrome for its Android devices comes under the catchy release number of 55.0.2883.84, with one or more of those numbers signifying something new and exciting -- an offline mode.

The download option is promised to be quite useful, as it not only caches entire pages for viewing and reading offline, but promises users they'll be able to buffer up video and music content too. Google says this should appear in the regular Android release from right about now, plus there's an additional option to share your downloads, as if anyone out there is likely to care that you just cached up a few pages of Gizmodo UK to proofread on your lunch break in part of the building that doesn't get a signal.

It should also make keeping your generated content tidy too, as Google says users should start to see "misspelled words highlighted in text fields" when writing their anonymous hate speeches on a mobile device.

And it's out already, hence the image above, complete with little download icon atop the menu list. [Google via Android Central]

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