Google's Reportedly Killing Off its Cute Self-Driving Cars

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

What do you see when you visualise an autonomous vehicle? If your answer isn’t ‘one of those funny-looking Google koala car things’, stop lying. However, Google could be about to abandon its iconic creation.

The Information reports that Alphabet CEO Larry Page and CFO Ruth Porat have decided that Google’s own self-driving car -- one without a steering wheel and pedals -- is “impractical”, and will not be developed any further.

The company is now expected to provide expertise and software to established car makers working on less extreme vehicles -- ones that retain the steering wheel and pedals, while embracing a number of self-driving features.

If true, it would be a shock move. After all, Google’s cars have racked up two million miles in road testing to establish themselves as the best-known autonomous driving vehicles in the world.

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According to The Information, Google’s self-driving ambitions are still sky-high, and it’s hoping to launch an Uber-style autonomous taxi service in 2017.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long for all of the above to be confirmed or denied. Google’s set to hold a California media event later today, where all will hopefully be revealed. [The Information via TechCrunch]