Government Looking at Automatically Blocking the Phones of Car Drivers

By Gary Cutlack on at

A report in The Times claims that the Department for Transport is trying to come up with a tech solution to the problem of distracted drivers texting while at the wheel, and are looking into solutions that could automatically block the features of phones while driving.

Exactly how this might work isn't outlined in much detail, as it sounds fairly difficult unless you demand all cars are shielded which would make being a passenger a living hell these days. The Times says that ministers are to meet car manufacturers and phone makers early next year, in a meeting where we'd imagine there will be a lot of shrugging, some shaking of heads and much staring at mobile phones in silence.

The only clue The Times' sources give as to how it might work is to say it's a software solution, so may take the form of an app controlled by a mobile's motion sensors or GPS to deactivate its network connections once up to speed. But that would be uninstallable or blockable or workaroundable, so it's probably best to just shame people into stopping, as we've done fairly successfully with campaigns against smoking and masturbating in vehicles. [Oxford Mail]

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