Grand Tour Episode 3 Preview: Italy, Whitby, and Some Actual Cars This Week

By James O Malley on at

Okay, so Episode 2 of The Grand Tour was a bit of a mis-fire. Can Episode 3 get the series back on track?

Judging by Amazon's publicity material it might - because tomorrow's episode will actually feature some cars.

With the tent this time being hosted in Whitby, Yorkshire (somehow this feels less glamorous than California and Johannesburg), Clarkson will apparently discover the "terrible consequences" of a bet made earlier in the series. We're presuming that is the bet made in the first episode that would let Hammond demolish his house.

The big film in the episode looks set to be a trip to Italy, in which Clarkson drives an Aston Martin DB11 and May drives Rolls Royce. Apparently "the pair are set for a leisurely trip of culture and fine dining until a noisy and unwelcome guest arrives" - which we're guessing explains the picture of Hammond above.

Episode 3 hits Amazon tomorrow morning.