Grand Tour Episode 5 Preview - Rotterdam and Morocco

By James O Malley on at

We're now five episodes into The Grand Tour, and tomorrow's show looks set to be something in the mould of Episode 3 - with a road trip, featuring some proper cars. And perhaps marginally less arsing about.

On tomorrow's show Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will be pitching their tent in the port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands - though most the action looks like it will take place elsewhere.

According to Amazon's publicity material, the presenters are off to Morocco to test two lightweight sports cars: The Mazda MX5 and Zenos E10. "Unfortunately", the press release warns, "the pair’s North African adventure is ruined by the arrival of the horribly dressed Jeremy Clarkson in the horribly expensive Alfa Romeo 4C Spider."

And if that wasn't enough, apparently this week Hammond and May will be recreating a traditional board game and playing it with cars. Leave your best guess as to what it will be in the comments.