Grand Tour Episode 6 Preview - A Christmas Special in Lapland

By James O Malley on at

It might be Christmas, but that doesn't mean that The Grand Tour is taking a break. Tomorrow's show is, in fact, something of a Christmas special, with the presenters pitching their tent deep into the Arctic Circle, in Kakslauttanen, Finland.

Judging by the photos that have been released, it appears that we can expect the studio segments, including Conversation Street, to have a wintery theme. The presenters will apparently have some gift suggestions for motoring enthusiasts.

As per tradition though, it sounds as though the films included in the episode won't be very seasonal at all.

According to Amazon's publicity material "Richard Hammond is very excited by the UK arrival of the very first Ford Mustang to be made in right-hand-drive and then very annoyed when Jeremy Clarkson turns up with a Ford Focus RS loudly claiming that it’s better".

And the episode will also feature May recounting the battle between Ford and Ferrari in the 60s, over hiwhc company reigns supreme in the Le Mans endurance race.

The episode is due to hit Amazon at midnight UK time, so you can tune in then.