Hacker Turned Self-Driving Car Genius Gives Away His Code Archive

By Gary Cutlack on at

George Hotz, a man with a colourful past that includes hacking consumer electronics to pieces and having a little banter battle with Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk, is back to tear up all our paradigms again. He's making his self-driving car code and design schematics freely available, so any carmaker or wealthy nerd can have a go at implementing his ideas themselves.

The data dump comes in two parts; the Open Pilot software, plus the Comma Neo component that outlines Hotz's dream tech specs for the hardware required to convert an old runabout into a futuristic autonomous places-going podule.

The code's already on Github, which will be handy for people who know what that means and how to interpret any of it, with Hotz recently making the claim that the bundles contain very nearly the same skills and feature set as the Autopilot software that comes bundled with Elon Musk's superhyped Tesla supercars.

There's a massive list of caveats involved in getting any of it working, through. Only very specific Honda models with the company's Honda Sensing options are supported, the right kind of mobile phone is needed to power it (OnePlus 3) and it might not be massively useful anyway, as a recent blog post by the developer stressed that it's not a self-driving car and is basically a glorified lane assist tool. Apart from that... [Github via The Verge]

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