Happy Pass Out on a Train and Get Mugged Day

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Lots of companies have apparently decided to hold their Christmas party tonight, so insurance firm Back Me Up has decided to do a publicity thing to mark the occasion.

Referencing a study involving “a nationally representative sample of 2,002 UK adults”, the company claims that 3% of office party goers fell asleep on public transport after their work Christmas bash last year. Some questionable arithmetic tells us that that amounts to 953,970 people. Shocking.

Since 2016 has been a bit worse than 2015, we can probably expect that number to rise this time around, as people drown their sorrows deeper than ever. It’s great news for criminal types, who’ll have a great time pulling expensive stuff out of soiled trouser pockets.

“Whilst you’re letting your hair down, make sure you keep your stuff safe to avoid being one of the 18% of Brits who end up losing something,” said Back Me Up MD Paul Lynes. “You don’t want an expensive replacement bill, as well as losing your pride!”

Pride? No such thing on Christmas party night.

Anyone innocent enough to interact with the company’s publicity army will be able to pick up a Back Me Up-branded, oversized luggage label emblazoned with the line “Wake Me Up @ …..” from Waterloo Station tonight.