Here Are Some Of The Highlights From PSX

By Gizmodo UK on at

The Playstation Experience just wrapped up in Anaheim, California, with a huge list of new games, re-releases, remasters and sequels. If you're looking to catch up, here's what you might have missed:

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite
The all-star fighting game has a new entry, and as the trailer shows, it'll feature Mega Man, Street Fighter's Ryu and Iron Man in its roster.

The Last of Us Part II
This promises to be a lot darker than the first game, and it stars Joel and Ellie again (which not everyone is totally happy about).

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Naughty Dog are busy bees, between The Last of Us Part II and this spin-off from the main Uncharted series, starring treasure-hunter and ex-lover of main character Nathan Drake amongst some of the other fantastic ladies from the franchise.

Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy
The remaster of three old Crash games wraps it all up in lovely new graphics that you can presumably enjoy on your TV, which is roughly 10 times the size of the one you had when you first played Crash Bandicoot.

Knack 2
Okay, so the original Knack didn't exactly have the best reception–it's currently sitting at 54 per cent on Metacritic–but Knack 2 should be good, right? Even if no one wanted it? Or asked for it? And everyone on Twitter is making jokes about it? Right...?

Persona 5
This cult favourite is a bit like Pokemon, if Pokemon were 15-foot-tall monsters that fought on behalf of angsty schoolchildren on a backdrop of murder and mystery. The fifth instalment in the series has been promised for years, and now we're finally getting it, maybe, soon, perhaps?

Lara Croft GO
The mobile game is excellent, and this will likely be excellent too!

There are a whole bunch of brilliant video games coming soon, so make sure to watch the whole conference if you want to make sure you're not missing out: