Honda's NeuV Electric Concept Has Feelings and Can Drive Itself

By Gary Cutlack on at

Honda's decided that the Consumer Electronic Show is where electric self-driving cars belong, so that's where we'll see the NeuV for the first time in January. It's described as being an "EV commuter vehicle equipped with artificial intelligence" so even when travelling alone there will be someone to argue with about what sort of music to listen to.

Honda's announcement stresses it's just a concept, though, and certainly its name -- part of the Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem -- needs a bit of work before it hits the market. As for the look of the thing, Honda's gone for futuristic rainproof mobility scooter, which may well be what we're all driving in the future, but we can only imagine it'll be the star of the next series of The Grand Tour in which Jeremy Clarkson laughs at it for a full, unedited 17 minutes, before setting it on fire and rolling it into an abandoned quarry while muttering something barely audible about the Japanese.

Or maybe people might like it, especially if it's priced inline with its internal capacity. [Honda via The Verge]

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