HSBC App Wants to Force You to Save Money

By Gary Cutlack on at

Banking giant HSBC has come up with a great way you might be able to afford a flat all of your own by the time you're 70 -- automating the saving process by sending a few pence or pounds off from your current account regularly, or by taking micro-savings payments whenever you're caught shopping for things you don't need.

The app, powered by existing mobile banking app Pariti, lets users set goals and savings criteria, with the ability to round up purchases to the nearest pound then funnel off the money into future you's slush fund for a rainy day.

Other options include an attempt at predicting your regular outflows and pinging you with suggestions when it thinks you might not be overdrawn this month and may therefore want to put a few quid away, plus it has a "Guilty Pleasures" setting where you can punish your stupid self of a few hours ago for buying things at certain shops by putting some money into savings.

Not that saving money should be seen as a punishment, although with today's interest rates etc etc. The app will appear soon as a limited test for iOS, seeing as Apple owners clearly have too much cash sloshing about anyway. [Engadget]

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