Hungry Mountain Lion Mauls Deer on a Family's Porch

By Michael Nunez on at

Don’t fuck with a mountain lion. Sadly, a small deer in Southern San Francisco learned that lesson the hard way when its neck was snapped on a family’s porch.

The whole thing was documented on a Nest Cam that was set up to capture any unwanted activity outside the home. In the video, which has been uploaded to YouTube, you can big, glowing eyes from the mountain lion roaming around in the dark. When the homeowner goes to investigate and hits the lights—it reveals not one, but two creatures.

According to a Washington Post report about the incident, Mary L. Mines and Peter Rauenbuehler both heard loud noises around 4am and were alarmed. They said they heard a loud crack, and thought it might be a tree branch. They went to investigate only to discover the mountain lion eating a small deer.

In hindsight, the couple says the loud crack was probably the deer’s neck being snapped. Luckily, the California homeowners only needed to turn on the light to investigate—so they didn’t have to face the mountain lion in person. Crisis averted.