Ikea's Now Making Chairs the Same Way Nike Makes its Knitted Sneakers

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There’s nothing quite as comfortable as wearing a sweater knit by a grandparent, right? That’s why Nike started using digital knitting machines to create its colorful Flyknit sneakers back in 2012, and why Ikea has now adopted the same technology to create a pair of chairs designed to pamper your posterior.

The PS 2017 Armchair, part of Ikea’s PS (Post Scriptum) experimental collection that’s updated every three years, was designed by Sarah Fager and has a semi-transparent appearance as a result of the complex knit that makes up the chair’s mesh sides and back. Not only does it help the chair breathe and stay cooler when sitting in it for a long time, it also ends up being lightweight, even with its supporting powder-coated steel frame.

The PS 2017 Armchair will be available in gray-on-gray or pink-on-black colour options for around £120, which isn’t cheap given how simplistic its design is. But as the computer-controlled knitting machines that make these pieces possible becomes more prevalent in manufacturing facilities, shoes, chairs, and clothing will be easier to produce, and should eventually drop in price. [Ikea via Dezeen]