Instagram-Famous Fisherman 'Mark the Shark' Hooks a Brick of Cocaine

By Sophie Kleeman on at

Florida is America’s underbelly, and when America wants some cocaine you better believe Florida is going to come through.

According to various local reports, famed Florida fisherman Mark Quartiano — also known as “Mark the Shark” — made an unusual catch on Wednesday. Rather than hauling in a poor, brightly coloured fish or random hot women in bikinis, Mark the Shark ended up with a brick of cocaine covered in barnacles.

#VERYRARE, indeed.

“I’ve found marijuana, but never cocaine like this,” Mark the Shark told the Miami New Times. One of my friends said — he was an old smuggler back in the day — that it could be cash, lots of cash. So I don’t know, we’ll have to see, but if it’s cash, it belongs to me.”

Mark the Shark noted that he called the Coast Guard following the discovery. When we called them this afternoon, a Coast Guard spokesperson confirmed the incident, but told us they had closed their investigation and turned it over to US Customs and Border Protection. A call to CBP wasn’t immediately returned, but you can bet we will update if we hear back.

Self-described as “the most recognised name in shark fishing in the world,” Mark the Shark has drawn criticism from conservationists. Mark the Shark doesn’t seem to give a shit, though, and appears to be more concerned with his boat.

“[The cocaine is] worth a lot of money street value,” Quartiano told the New Times. “I could use some renovations for my boat. We’ll see.” [Miami New Times, WPLG]