It Sounds Like Amazon's Building Colossal Stone Statues of Clarkson, May and Hammond

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

You may have spotted a picture of a giant stone Jeremy Clarkson head strapped to the back of a truck in Washington State recently, and we now have a weird new update to the story.

The obnoxious lump of rock has picked up two friends -- one of which looks a lot like James May, the other with an ever-so-slight resemblance to Richard Hammond -- and they’re all currently doing a sightseeing tour of Sydney.

Furthermore, trucks carrying other body parts, such as arms, legs and crotches, have apparently also been spotted Down Under.

It sounds to us like Amazon’s cooking up the most absurd The Grand Tour publicity stunt yet. In all honesty though, being partial to a bit of racism, I'm sure the locals would treat the statues with every ounce of respect they deserve.

Oh, and you can track their progress here with the username 'thegrandtour' and password 'giantheads'. [Digital Spy]