James May on The Grand Tour & Matt LeBlanc on Top Gear Tested The Exact Same Rolls Royce

By James O Malley on at

If you tuned in to Episode 3 of The Grand Tour over the weekend, then you might have noticed something oddly familiar about the Rolls Royce Dawn that James May took for a spin through Northern Italy.

You must remember it: It was blue, and looked suitably regal...

...And Matt LeBlanc drove the same car in a film for the post-Clarkson reboot of Top Gear!

Here's what's a little bit surprising though: It wasn't just the same model of car. It wasn't just another blue Roller. It was the exact same car. Look at the numberplates - both are HN16 OZO.

So how did they end up driving the exact same car? Chances are that both shows approached Rolls Royce and asked to borrow a car to feature - and this is the car that the company has sat in the garage waiting to be used by the media. AutoExpress also reviewed the same car.

This is perhaps an added hazard of two big budget car shows existing at the same time: In a world where there is only a finite number of new cars to review, there's inevitably going to be some overlap. But who would have expected that overlap to mean the two shows sharing the same exact cars?

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