James May & Richard Hammond Really Did Blow Up Jeremy Clarkson's House in Grand Tour Episode 3 - But The Twitter Prank in Italy Was Fake

By James O Malley on at

Grand Tour Episode 3 is out today - and features Clarkson, Hammond and May touring across Northern Italy in something approximating the historical "Grand Tour".

Perhaps more so than Top Gear, the show tends to walk (or should that be drive?) a fine line between reality and fiction - and this film was no different.

At one point in the show Clarkson attempts to lose Hammond and his American muscle car by sending out a tweet as they headed into the city of Vicenza. And, right on cue, there are hundreds of people there waiting for him, blocking his path.

That would you believe that this wasn't quite the spontaneous prank the show would like you to think. A quick look through Clarkson's tweets reveals that the stunt was set up at least a day in advance.

This was followed on the day by other tweets - which were timed to be slightly more in-keeping with the show's fiction:

And now here's something surprising: Remember the second film in the episode in which Hammond and May destroyed Clarkson's house? That was actually real. Sort of.

It was actually Clarkson's real house in the Cotswolds. But he didn't let them do it because of a bet.

The Telegraph reports that in July he was given planning permission to knock down the £4m five-bedroom home - so instead he can build a 12,173ft six bedroom home, apparently nicknamed Diddly Squat Farm. So it appears that he was able to turn some home minor improvements into some exciting #content for his new TV show.

The new house will also have 5 bathrooms, a basement cinema, an attic games room, an orchard, and croquet lawn, because we guess that is what Amazon money can buy you. Oh, and he'll have room for five cars of course.

We wonder if because he was doing it for telly, if he was able to put the demolition through as a business expense?

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