Koreans Create Loveable Giant Mech Suit That Works

By Gary Cutlack on at

Korean tech enthusiasts aided by a video game designer have assembled this fully working robotic walker mech dream, which walks with a pleasing sway and waves its arms about according to controller input -- and has one seat inside up top to serve as the throne for the king of robot nerds.

Here it is, moving around very nicely like a chrome Asimo with a driver inside:

It's called the METHOD-1 and has been designed in part at least by Vitaly Bulgarov; an artist known for his work with video game specialist Blizzard. The rest of the physical build has been handled by Korea Future Technology, which has put in great ankles, moving fingers, knees and everything, and taken the time to give the prototype a pleasing metallic finish.

And it's not entirely all about fun and living the being-in-a-robot dream; Bulgarov said the grand idea is to create an adaptable unit that can be sold and used as seen fit, explaining: "The plan is to build a reliable robotic platform that can be used effectively in various utilitarian applications." [YouTube via Wired]

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