List of Dead Famous People is 2016's Most Edited Wikipedia Page

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Wikimedia Foundation has put together a list feature all about itself, revealing the most heavily edited Wikipedia pages of 2016. Unsurprisingly, the list of the famous dead of 2016 topped the chart, with more than twice as many page edits as the second placed article.

That's a total of 18,230 revisions for the Deaths in 2016 page, as the people of the world raced each other to be the first to update it whenever someone off the films or telly or music popped their expensive Prada clogs. Trump's page featured 8,933 edits in second place, as another group of people fought to be the first to track his latest Twitter typos and immortalise them, for a few seconds, until someone more serious came along and deleted them.

Here's the 10 most edited list complete with the number of edits made:

Deaths in 2016, 18230

Donald Trump, 8933

List of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements, 6527

United States presidential election, 6162

Republican Party presidential primaries, 5715

2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, 5540

Bailando 2015, 5342

List of Donald Trump presidential campaign endorsements, 5328

2016 in sports, 5277

2016 in South Korean music, 5074

And seeing as that's pretty boring and about US politics, here's the next ten:

Beverly Gray, 4957

Statewide opinion polling for the United States presidential election, 4743

Panama Papers, 4659

2016 in Philippine television, 4600

2016 Pacific typhoon season, 4244

2016 Atlantic hurricane season, 3874

Democratic Party presidential primaries, 3736

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 3593

The Life of Pablo, 3574

Vincent van Gogh, 3551

Well done, Vincent van Gogh, even though it's only because they found a man who looked like you. [Wikimedia]

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