London Commute Map Shows How People Pay for Easier Rides to Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

Someone's mashed up the tube map again, this time adjusting its lines and stations to demonstrate the extra rent paid by people in exchange for living nearer the middle bit or on a more direct route. The results will make you laugh a bit if you live in Scotland or Wales.

According to Totally Money's figures, Londoners pay an average of an extra £6.60 per week for each minute that's shaved off a commute into the middle bit of the city, although there are some enclaves like Dagenham East and Fairlop where the rules don't apply because they're not exactly what you'd call "On the Monopoly Map."

Tottenham Hale to Oxford Circus takes just 20 minutes thanks to it being bang on the Central line, with an average rent of £205 in the vicinity of the station, so if you want to be able to get out of bed a bit later, that might be a good choice. Although the noise of the police helicopters and sirens going off all night will cancel out any benefit to being able to set your alarm a little later than usual. [Totally Money via TimeOut]

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