London Poshos Promised Drone Deliveries to Balconies by 2020

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's newest and rudest forthcoming skyscraper has had one heck of an original selling point added to its particulars -- drone deliveries. Drone delivers that will save the poor post men from having to trudge up to the top of the 67-floor building.

That's what the updated spec sheet for the luxury flats says, at least; whether it happens or not we'll have to wait and see. The listing for the development says that some owners lucky enough to get ones with windows will be able to have drones land on their winter balconies. It's not clear if the developer -- China's Greenland Group -- is planning its own bespoke drone service for the building or if it's simply hoping that Amazon or some other startup will be handing the flying deliveries, though.

Spire London will eventually house 861 flats, promising people probably not schooled in the vicinity the chance to live in a "future-proofed" cocoon of luxury within the re-redeveloped Docklands area, with asking price of just £740,000 each for the remaining ones not already pre-sold off plan. [Standard]

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