Many Netgear Routers Added to List of Hacked Hardware

By Gary Cutlack on at

A selection of routers offered by thing-connecting specialist Netgear have been added to a danger list, a list so full of potential dangers that owners are being warned to turn them off -- lest hackers gain access to them and do bad things no one really understands, probably to do with porn adverts.

The warning comes from a security team at the Carnegie Mellon University, who warn that the Netgear R7000 and R6400 routers and perhaps other models are susceptible to remote hacks that might open them up to running arbitrary code. The security team warns that: "By convincing a user to visit a specially crafted web site, a remote unauthenticated attacker may execute arbitrary commands with root privileges on affected routers. A LAN-based attacker may do the same by issuing a direct request."

"Users who have the option of doing so should strongly consider discontinuing use of affected devices until a fix is made available," they say, with Netgear itself examining the exploit and saying that the R6250, R6700, R700LG, R7300 and R7900 models are also affected.

Netgear is on the case, although only a beta version of a fix is available for ome models at the moment, with the company saying it's reviewing its entire portfolio of routers to see if any others need an emergency firmware upgrade to stop the hackers ruining Christmas by breaking the internet or putting porn banners atop every Argos page your mum loads. [Carnegie Mellon University via Telegraph]

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