My Favourite Time of the Day is When the Entire City Turns Blue

By Casey Chan on at

The world never looks cooler than when it does during the blue hours of dawn and dusk. Photographer Romain Jacquet Lagreze captured Hong Kong in that brief moment when daylight is just about over but nighttime hasn’t crept in yet. It looks fantastic. The chilly, icy blue makes things glimmer in stillness rather than burn in the overwhelming orange of the sun.

Hong Kong is a great place to capture that magical time of the day because everything is so packed together that the colour bounces off the crowded buildings so wonderfully. And though you can see the warm glow of the city life emanating from the ground and the lights of the buildings starting to flicker on, you still feel the blue blanketing the city.

You can follow more of Romain Jacquet Lagreze’s work on his website, Instagram, and Facebook. The photographs come from his latest book, The Blue Moment.