National Rail to be Stripped of its Train Track Monopoly

By Gary Cutlack on at

The transport secretary has outlined a plan to create new rail franchises that operate the tracks alongside Network Rail, meaning there could soon be more than one group to blame when things go wrong and you're in a tunnel without internet for the evening.

Explaining the plan, Chris Grayling said the idea is to bring train and track operations closer together so they... work... which sounds like quite the good idea that probably should've been in place for all of the time trains have existed. The first of these new franchises to run its trains and tracks in perfect harmony* is East West Rail, which will operate the relatively niche section of line between Oxford and Cambridge.

He's only gone and promised a bloody new golden age of rail too, saying: "If our railways are to cope with the challenges of today and tomorrow it will take more investment, new ways of working, new ways of funding improvements, more joined up management. We can and will make this a real golden era for rail. We can transform the passenger experience. We can create opportunities across our society." [GOV via Independent]

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