New Highway Code Junction Rule Proposed by British Cycling and AA

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

British Cycling, the AA and pedestrian groups have called for a change to the Highway Code that would see motorists turning left at a junction always give way to cyclists going straight ahead.

According to British Cycling, the Highway Code currently has 14 different rules relating to cycling and walking at junctions, which have created all sorts of confusion.

“Whether driving, cycling or walking, negotiating a junction is the most hazardous manoeuvre you make on the road,” reads the campaign’s petition page. “Two-thirds of all collisions take place at junctions. This increases to three-quarters of all cycling collisions.

“We’re calling for a universal rule that when turning at a junction, you always give way to people going ahead or crossing that junction, including people cycling and walking. This would make them simpler, safer and more efficient for everyone.”

The changes would see:

  • Drivers turning at junctions give way to people cycling and walking who maybe on their nearside or crossing the road they wish to turn into
  • Cyclists turning at a junction give way to pedestrians crossing the road they wish to turn into
  • Pedestrians get increased protection when crossing a side road or other junction

The proposals would need to be agreed by the Department of Transport and go through Parliament in order to make it to the soon-to-be-updated Highway Code. [British Cycling Federation]