New Policemen Will Soon Need a Degree to Join up

By Gary Cutlack on at

People looking for a career in the police force will soon have to try a bit harder in school, with the College of Policing announcing a plan that'll require all new entrants to the police forces of England and Wales to hold a degree in further education of sorts before being allowed to join.

The changes come as part of a massive internal restructuring of employment practises within police forces, which will see promoted staff asked to take on-the-job training courses so they qualify for a series of vocational degrees, letting them earn qualifications as they climb the job ladder so if they leave the police force they have bankable, recognised qualifications in the areas they worked in, and won't have to be a nightclub bouncer for the the rest of their lives.

It shouldn't place too much of a barrier on becoming a PC, though, as it'll be possible to study for a three-year "degree apprenticeship" alongside existing police training, although to qualify for this you'll need an A-level or equivalent qualification somewhere on your CV. [College of Policing via BBC]

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