Night Vision Goggles and Entire Land Rovers Have Been Stolen from the MoD

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Ministry of Defence has spoken about the problem of things being lifted from army bases, with a quite astonishing list of items that have gone missing being published.

The MoD has released the data on the theft of items valued at more than £250 from its properties across the UK, with the baffling highlights being an industrial kitchen, a replica sniper rifle, a stash or armour plates suitable only for tanks, a summer house, lots of pairs of night vision goggles and even the odd Land Rover. Two Land Rovers, in fact. Two people stole a car from work and appear to have gotten away with it.

Rowing machines and a kayak were also reported missing among the pile of the 400+ things to have been reported stolen since 2014, with defence minister Mark Lancaster saying: "...just as theft occurs in wider society, the MoD is not immune."

The MoD itself added: "We take the security of our sites very seriously and have robust procedures to deter and prevent losses and thefts, which are constantly reviewed." [Standard]

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