Nintendo Patent Hints at VR for Switch

By Gary Cutlack on at

Paperwork recently filed by Nintendo with the US Patent Office would appear to show that a VR device of some sort is at least on the drawing board for a future Nintendo device, with the critical document showing what the company calls an "HMD" attached to line drawings of the forthcoming Switch.

The key part of the exciting VR patent in question is the paragraph describing the use of its HMD, with the text stating:

FIG. 60 is a diagram showing an example HMD accessory to which the main unit 2 can be attached. An HMD accessory 230 shown in FIG. 60 includes a housing 231 and belts 232a and 232b. One end of the belt 232a is attached to one end of the housing 231, and one end of the belt 232b is attached to the other end of the housing 231. Although not shown in the figure, the other end of the belt 232a can be removably connected to the other end of the belt 232b. Thus, the housing 231 can be mounted on the head of the user by connecting together the two belts 232a and 232b around the head of the user. Note that there is no particular limitation on the mechanism for allowing the HMD accessory 230 to be mounted on the head of the user.

Screen on head = VR. FIG. 60 is the one shown above, which at the very least suggests that some sort of novelty Google Cardboard-like wearable could be in the pipeline for future Switch owners to pop their portable screens into. [NeoGAF via Engadget]

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