No Prizes For Guessing the UK's Top Search Terms of the Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

Remember the early bit of 2016 when all we had to worry about was Pokemon Go draining our batteries a bit fast? That's what historians will describe as the key moment of the year, as the mobile game's brief, incendiary spell of popularity made it one of the most popular search terms of 2016.

This early year-end summary list feature material comes from Google, which says that the generic term "Euro 2016" was in fact the year's most searched for thing in the UK, as men tried to get their phones to display results, fixtures, news, and information on how one goes about acquiring Icelandic citizenship ahead of the next major international tournament.

Searches for things to do with Brexit and the EU didn't make the top five, with hunts for stuff about the referendum and what it all means/is sitting in sixth position in Google's UK search trends to ten, behind Euro 2016, Pokemon Go, David Bowie, Donald Trump and Prince. Trump also won the popular vote on a global basis too, at least in terms of humans and human-like objects, with the RotW Google search count being topped by Pokemon Go, with iPhone 7 in second spot and Trump third.

Here's a neat UK search list for you:

  1. Euro 2016
  2. Pokemon Go
  3. David Bowie
  4. Donald Trump
  5. Prince
  6. EU referendum/Brexit
  7. Alan Rickman
  8. Olympics
  9. US election
  10. Deadpool


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