Rogue One: What Did We See in the Trailer That Didn't Make the Final Cut?

By James O Malley on at

This post contains enormous, life-ruining spoilers, so don't read it until you've seen the new film. And don't complain that we didn't warn you.

Last summer we learned the worrying news that Rogue One was undergoing some major reshoots. This is usually a bad sign in movie production, albeit one that is fairly common on major blockbusters, because it suggests that the film needs some significant tinkering to make it work. Apparently the big problem was that director Gareth Edward's first cut of the film wasn't light enough, and wasn't tonally close enough to what viewers expect from a Star Wars film. Uh-oh.

As it turns out though, as anyone who has seen the film can confirm, it turned out totally fine - and is super fun. But what's interesting now we've seen the film is to look back on the trailers that came before, to see what shots, elements or plot details appear to have been left out of the final film. And brilliantly Reddit user "truxs" has already done the heavy lifting on this and has produced a gallery of trailer images that didn't make it into what is now in cinemas:

Rogue one, what didn't make the final cut

Perhaps the biggest change appears to be the ending of the film, as we saw neither the shot of the TIE Fighter facing off with Jyn on that rather precarious walkway, nor her and Cassian running along the beach - presumably to get further away from the explosion.

Could it suggest that originally a happier ending was planned? Perhaps their hug on the beach was supposed to be closure - and it was only after that Disney decided to have the massive explosion hit them too? Let us know what you reckon in the comments.