Samsung to Push Consumers Even Further Away By Removing Galaxy S8's Headphone Jack

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, you’d have thought that Samsung would be doing everything in its power to win back consumer trust. If a new report from SamMobile is to be trusted, that isn’t quite the case.

The company’s reportedly set to follow in Apple’s footsteps by launching a headphone jack-less Galaxy S8 in February.

It’s a strange move, considering how much ridicule Apple was subjected to for doing the exact same thing with the iPhone 7 -- ridicule that was very much deserved -- but we can only assume it was planned a long time back.

According to the report, you’ll be able to plug in your wired headphones with the aid of a USB Type-C adapter, which I’m sure is music to every prospective S8 buyer’s ears. Otherwise it's Bluetooth all the way. It’s great to know that profits come ahead of the user experience, even for a firm that should be desperate for any sort of good press.

So why’s Samsung apparently decided to get rid of the headphone jack? To make the handset slimmer, of course. The company clearly hasn’t read the latest reports on the Note 7. [SamMobile]