Sky's Advertised Broadband Speeds Are Set to Fall Today

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Sky has announced a change in approach to advertised broadband speeds, and says it will -- from today -- start highlighting average download speeds to customers.

It’s a risky move to make, especially if rival firms don’t follow Sky’s lead, but a step in the right direction from the perspective of customers. That said, Sky’s broadband speed checker for your local area should still be your first port of call before making any purchasing decisions.

The average download speeds advertised by Sky have been taken from an Ofcom fixed-line broadband performance report from March 24th 2016.

Sky’s also introduced a new Sky Fibre deal, offering a 25GB monthly usage allowance (with average download speeds of 34Mbps) for £20 a month including line rental (usually an extra £7.40), alongside a £19.95 setup cost. Tempted? The offer’s exclusive to Sky TV customers who re-contract to an 18-month deal.

Finally, the company’s also unveiled something it calls the Sky Broadband Tech Team, which is essentially Sky’s regular customer service team with a new uniform.