Social Media Hate Map Pinpoints the UK's Angriest Towns

By Gary Cutlack on at

A charity concerned with online bullying and general hate speak has ironically slagged off a few UK towns and regions, claiming that Northamptonshire is the place that sees the most online misogyny. Congratulations! Or maybe not.

The stats were assembled by Ditch the Label -- which analysed 19 million tweets to collate the data -- and also have a bit of a problem with South Wales, saying that's the #1 spot for homophobia on Twitter.  Congratulations! Or maybe not again.

The full maps also pick out other regions as being particularly bad for online bullying, naming Blaenau Gwent, Midlothian, East Ayrshire and North Yorkshire as the places where the anonymous accounts really come out flailing with their grammatically poor attempts at demeaning people.

They say that "sports fans" are the most likely to indulge in a bit of offensive banter, funnily enough, with all forms of hate speech increasing throughout the duration of the four-year study. Racism is the winner, though, with the trawl picking up 7.7 million tweets that used some for of racist language. So congratulations, or maybe not, to the internet. [Ditch the Label via i100]

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