Somebody Help Us Decode This Mysterious HTC Invitation

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Well this is exciting. HTC has sent out invitations for a January 12th event, and for once, nobody’s quite sure what to expect. It seems a little too early for the HTC 11, which will surely launch a month later at MWC in Barcelona.

Even Indiana Jones would struggle with this. 'for U'... hmmm.

Obvious first port of call -- perhaps the U stands for something. Umbrella? Uvula? Uxbridge? Unlikely. A new product line with a lame name like Ultimate or Urban on the other hand isn’t out of the question. Perhaps it could even be a nod to UHD.

A shiver just ran down my spine.

Is the shape of the letter significant? U sits just behind the likes of O and S in the bendiness scale -- could this mean that the new thing will be quite bendy?

Is the blue background sky or water? Will the new thing be waterproof? Airproof? It's a UAV, isn't it? Crazier still, could the blue background simply be a blue background?

Final possibility: did the newest and keenest HTC intern accidentally send a meaningless Photoshop creation to everyone? The image itself is called ‘unnamed’. Until HTC reveals anything else, let’s go with the intern theory.