Soylent Hopes Its New Formula Won’t Give You ‘Uncontrollable Diarrhoea'

By Bryan Menegus on at

Move over Soylent formula 1.6, there’s a new Soylent in town (and you’ll never guess what it’s called.) According to a blog post from meal replacement powder version 1.7, “community responses to taste, texture and the overall customer experience have always played a crucial role.” Apparently, most customers found the experience of being violently ill undesirable!

Back in October, Gizmodo discovered that Soylent’s food bars and powders were causing nausea, vomiting, “uncontrollable diarrhoea” for some customers, which led to the company halting sales. Soylent believes that algal flour was the ingredient responsible for the shit geyser which exited some of their loyal patrons. Sadly, powdered algae—as appetising as it sounds—will not longer be appearing in Soylent products henceforth. That’s good news for people who want to eat the future and crap normally.

Formula 1.7 also has a little less xanthan gum, sucralose, and pinch of salt. Yay?

Soylent’s coffee drink thing still sucks though. Work on that, guys.