Swap Ironic Knitwear for Hot Burgers This Christmas

By Gary Cutlack on at

Burger King UK has a short memory and thinks people might be up for eating more processed meats on Boxing Day, as that's when it's running the #WhopperExchange scheme -- a promotion that lets punters swap unwanted Christmas presents for one of its burgers.

Sadly for most of the UK it's only operating the promotion in its Leicester Square branch in London, presumably because that's the only one big enough and with tough enough crowd control systems in place to cope with the demand and public excess that some virtually free junk food is bound to generate.

The rules say it only runs between 10am-6pm on Boxing Day, presents must be unused -- as they'll be passed on to charities to regift -- and the rest of the country can join in in a rubbish way by winning vouchers by using the #WhopperExchange hashtag on social media.

Burger King says you can have a "tasty Whopper sandwich" in return, although by "sandwich" it actually means "burger." No idea why it calls them sandwiches. Probably to do with tax reasons. [Burger King UK via Shortlist]

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