TalkTalk Hacker Made to Pay With Rehabilitation Order and Confiscated Gadgets

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The teenager who magicked away most of TalkTalk’s credibility last year has received his punishment: a 12-month youth rehabilitation order, the confiscation of his iPhone and computer hard drive, and a £100 fine.

The boy, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was sentenced at Norwich Youth Court. “Your IT skills will always be there -- just use them legally in the future,” said chairman of the bench Jean Bonnick, after the sentence was read out.

“This case involved the deliberate exposure of a security issue on the TalkTalk website, which is used by thousands of people every day,” said Laura Tams from the Crown Prosecution Service’s Organised Crime Division.

“Through analysis of online chats and other digital footprints, prosecutors were able to demonstrate exactly how the defendant found this weakness and shared the details online."

This meant bad things for TalkTalk, which didn’t have much of a security strategy. A major hack in October 2015 led to the theft of 15,656 customers’ bank account details, and ended up costing the firm £35 million.

The cyberlout also targeted University of Cambridge and University of Manchester websites, as well as… martial arts badge company Merit Badges. [Register]