The Best Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

By Tom Pritchard on at

You may have noticed that yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Patrick Troughton's first appearance on Doctor Who. With that in mind, and the fact that the BBC just launched a new spin-off of the decades-old sci-fi programme, we're going to take a look at the best Doctor Who-themed swag you can buy.

Power of the Daleks, £13.50

The latest classic Who story to be released, also notable because it was Troughton's first full story as the Doctor - even though his first appearance actually happened in the closing minutes of The Tenth Planet. Unfortunately, thanks to the BBC's callous attitude to many classic TV shows, the entire episode was destroyed. So the corporation hired someone to animate the entire thing from scratch for home release. [Pre-order here]

The War Games, £8

Troughton's last proper episode as the Doctor, ignoring the anniversary specials that teamed him up with his past and future selves. Here the Doctor and his companions arrive on a world where soldiers from all over space and time are being forced to fight, in order to use them in a grand conquering army. It's ten episodes spanning 250 minutes of television (insanely long if you ask me, but a bargain for £8), and was the first episode to feature the Time Lords. [Buy it here]

Series 9 Box Set, from £20

Back to the present day and we have the latest series of Doctor Who featuring Doctor number 12. Because we're still waiting for series 10 to start (thanks BBC). It has every episode in the series (including the River Song-themed Christmas special), plus plenty of bonus features to keep you occupied while you wait for this year's Christmas special. [Buy it on DVD here | Buy it on Blu-ray here]

Torchwood Series 1-4 Box Set, From £43

Class is the latest in a long-line of Doctor Who spin-offs, but only one of them was actually any good (so far anyway). Torchwood followed the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness and his team of alien-fighters, defending the Earth from threats that arrive through the Cardiff rift. The fourth series dropped the ball a bit, but the rest is well worth watching. [Buy it on DVD here | Buy it on Blu-ray here]

Full Size Tom Baker Scarf, £70

One Doctor is more iconic than the rest, and it certainly helps that his outfit was pretty awe-inspiring. Naturally you can have the best part for yourself, in the form of a full size (18ft-long) scarf as worn by the Fourth Doctor. Your neck will never get cold again. [Buy it here]

The 12th Dcotor's Sonic Screwdriver, £15

The 12th Doctor didn't have a new Sonic Screwdriver when he started out, and for the last series he didn't have one at all. Now he has a newly-designed screwdriver, that's available as a toy. It's got a bunch of different light and sound modes like past screwdrivers, with with a more sci-fi-inspired blue design. [Buy it here]

Programmable Sonic TV Remote, £70

If you want a sonic screwdriver that does more than just flash and make buzzing sounds, this is one for you. It's a programmable infra-red TV remote, that you can customise to deal with all the different products in your house. Be it an iPod dock, TV, a Blu-ray player, and so on. [Buy it here]

Lego Dimensions, from £38

There's only one game that came close to giving Doctor Who the adaptation it deserves, and it's not even a Doctor Who game. Lego Dimensions is a mash-up of all sorts of pop-culture franchises, with level packs and characters from all corners of the fictional multiverse. For Doctor Who there's a level pack, featuring the 12th Doctor, K-9, and the TARDIS. There's also a character pack featuring a Cyberman and a Dalek. Naturally you'll need the base game to play with them. [Buy it here]

Lego Tardis Set, £49

Thanks to Lego Ideas, Doctor Who finally has a Lego set. It's the TARDIS interior, featuring the 11th and 12th Doctors, Clara,  two Daleks, a Weeping Angel, and a folding Police Box. [Buy it here]

12th Doctor Pop Vinyl, £10

One of the better scenes of Series 9 featured the 12th Doctor performing a rock concert, while riding a tank through Viking England. And that moment has been immortalised in Pop Vinyl form, just without the tank or the vikings. [Buy it here]

TARDIS Speaker System, £70

There are a lot of TARDIS-themed goodies out there, but this one is probably one of the most useful. It's a fully-fledged Bluetooth speaker system, with TARDIS-themed lights and sounds, and a high-end amplification system. [Buy it here]