The Best PlayStation VR Games You Can Buy Right Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

After much hype, the PlayStation VR headset is finally here - opening up a real VR experience for quite a bit less money than what Oculus and HTC/Valve have on offer. We've already reviewed the PS VR, and loved it, so now that it's finally out you might be wondering which games you should get. Well here are the best games the PS VR has to offer.

The Hardware

Naturally if you want to play the games, you'll need the hardware to go with it. If you already have a PS4, that means buying a PS VR headset (£350), the PS Eye Camera (£39), and (maybe) the PS Move motion controllers (£70 for two).

If you don't have a PS4, there are a few options. First up is the standard PS4 that's been out for a few years (from £233), the new smaller PS4 Slim (from £230), or the upcoming PS4 Pro which is due next month (£349)

VR Worlds, £35

Think of this as the Wii Sports of the PS VR. It's a collection of multiple mini games that show what the headset can do, but aren't big enough to warrant stand-alone releases. Included is gang-drama London Heist, Ocean Heist, VR Luge, vehicle-based sci-fi shooter Scavenger's Odyssey, and Danger Ball. [Buy it here]

Eve Valkyrie, £50

A space-shooter, in the same league as games like Elite: Dangerous, set in the world of EVE. The whole point is to get rich, whether that's by joining a band of mercenaries of flying on the fringes of the law in a group of space pirates. Since there's not much movement involved here, this is an ideal experience for people who don't have a lot of living room space. [Buy it here]

Arkham VR, £16

VR doesn't have to be about action of gimmicks, and this one throw you directly into the shoes of the Dark Knight. The whole point is to work through the game by finding clues, solving mysteries, and all that other stuff they always miss out from the Batman films. [Buy it here]

Rez Infinite, £25

Rez is one of those classic games every loves, and what better home for it than virtual reality? The gameplay isn't all that different from the classic game, but that hardly matters. Just be prepared for a trippy experience, without the acid. [Buy it here]

Headmaster, £16

This one is football-based, so don't go buying it expecting a simulator that puts you in charge of a school. It's set in a sports-based prison camp of sorts, where you are forced to complete a selection of header-based challenges. [Buy it here]

Thumper, £16

This one is a 'rhythm violence' game, that put you in control of a glowing battle that's travelling down a set of tracks through a bizarrely trippy nightmare dimension. Naturally, being a rhythm game, you have to make sure you hit the buttons at the right place and time. Unlike a music game, however, that process involves dodging attacks, collecting items, and generally amking sure you don't die. [Buy it here]

Battlezone, £50

One that outs you in charge of a tank, which you need to fight off hordes of mechanical enemies and preserve the future of the human race - by yourself or with friends. [Buy it here]

Super Hypercube, £25

Remember that TV show that had the phrase " bring on the wall"? That's pretty close to what Super Hypercube is. The first-person puzzle game has you throwing blocks together to create shapes that match a series of walls that are rapidly closing in on you. It's another simple concept, but it's helped by the fact that VR lets you look at each block from multiple angles and make sure you get it right. [Buy it here]

Tumble VR, £8

This is a puzzle game that has you building structures out of different shaped blocks, all in order to meet a pre-set goal. A bit like a single player, virtual reality version of Jenga. It's simple, but it's cheap and it should help you pass some of the time. [Buy it here]

Job Simulator, £24

You know what you need after a long day at work, earning money to pay the bills? A job that simulates going to work, but without the reward of getting paid at the end of the month. If that sounds appealing to you, give job simulator a try. At least this one offers the chance to throw a stapler at your boss without any unfortunate consequences. [Buy it here]

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, £50

A first-person sports game, but instead of controlling a human avatar you're controlled a robotic mech tasked with dealing out some damage against the opponents. It has a strange mix of shooting and goal-based gameplay, which should see the hours fly by. [Buy it here