The Crying Face Was 2016's Most Popular Emoji [Crying Face]

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virtual keyboard company Swiftkey has been data mining with or without the consent of its users, and has revealed the most commonly used emoji of 2016 -- and broken it down by UK cities to boot.

Overall, as you might expect, it was the "face with tears of joy" icon that won the overall use category, presumably because people are misusing it to express the modern state of powerless multi-emotional bewilderment that most of us now exist in.

As for the popularity of certain emoji within cities, Swiftkey reveals that the Glaswegians enjoy a good point, the people of Cardiff do a lot of waving, and Liverpool use whatever that shiny round thing is. The moon? Do they get a good view of the moon in Liverpool? I don't know, I'm old. Doing the colon/bracket smiley face still seems exciting and new and quite childish to me.

People in Greater London mostly used the "raising both hands in celebration" emoji because they must be happy on the inside about how paying so much rent makes them better than everyone else or something, while Bristol's most popular emoji was the watermelon. In short, it's all a load of random nonsense and we're sorry for wasting time you could've otherwise have spent productively elsewhere.

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