The Planet Earth 2 Finale was More Popular than the X-Factor Grand Final

By James O Malley on at

When Planet Earth 2 first hit our screens six weeks ago, in addition to providing Giz with a rich seam of GIFs to mine, it also proved a hit with viewers - beating ITV talent show The X-Factor in the TV ratings.

Brilliantly then, it appears that this trend has continued - with last night's final episodes of both shows having Planet Earth 2 coming out on top.

According to the BBC the nature show scored 9.5 million viewers who appreciate the profound majesty of nature. Over on ITV, 7 million people tuned in to see who would be a mere footnote on Wikipedia in just a few weeks time.

Arguably it wasn't a particularly fair fight: Sir David Attenborough's masterwork was preceded by Strictly Come Dancing which bagged 11m viewers, giving it a healthy lead-in. But the fact that 9.5 people stuck around suggests that sometimes, watching little baby turtles narrowly avoid getting crushed in the road is compelling viewing.

As we mused in November - perhaps this is a sign that despite everything, humanity as a species isn't doomed after all. [BBC]