The Real Story Behind the Pedestrian Crossings in Trafalgar Square, As Discussed on Episode 4 of The Grand Tour

By James O Malley on at

If you tuned into Episode 4 of The Grand Tour, then you'll have seen Clarkson, Hammond and May express their bemusement at a series of pedestrian crossings around Trafalgar Square, in which the "green man" has been replaced with a bunch of symbols representing different sexualities. Here's the designs:

The hosts could barely believe what they were seeing. "Crossing the road is an opportunity to express your sexuality", remarked Hammond.

Sadly, their incredulity masked what is actually a rather nice story - that London's transport planners were doing their best to be inclusive.

It's all part of an initiative of Transport for London itself, and for the annual LGBT pride festival last June, around 50 crossings around the Trafalgar Square area were transformed to contain either a gender-related symbol, or two people holding hands. They were first put in place on June 19th and, last time we checked, they are still in use.

If you want to read a press release containing a bunch of worthy quotes about the initiative, you can find it here.

And don't worry - if you think this is a little bit "Political Correctness Gone Mad", or are a Top Gear host who is a little insecure about your heterosexuality, then the good news is that there was even a set of lights for straight people too.

Pic from here.

After some TOP BANTS about the Oxford bypass and now some traffic lights, it'll be exciting to see what Clarkson, Hammond and May have up their sleeves for next week.

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